DooRok 1/32 Rock Racer Kit

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DooRok 1/32 Tube Chassis


TA0016 Transfer Case / Skid Plate

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TA0023 Transfer Gear Set

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2x Bearings (2x5x2)

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TA0028 30mm Drive Shafts

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Complete 'A' Axle Set 56mm

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TA0003 Shock Damper Set

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TA0011 Ball Head Screws × 2

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TA0012 Double Ball Head Screw

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SA0033 Rod Links

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TA0001 Rod Ends

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TA0015 Servo Horn Set

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18mm Wheels (4)


33mm GeKo24 Tires

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N20 Geared Motor for Orlandoo Hunter – optional


AS0022 Orlandoo 2.2g Low Voltage Micro Servo – optional

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TS0001 Orlandoo Electronic Speed Controller ESC – optional

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DooRok 1/32 Rock Racer Kit. DooRok, Son of Stone!

Stock from the first production run is limited.

Dominic Widmer (WID) and Tiny4x4 have joined forces to co-develop the DooRok and take Orlandoos to a whole new level. We married the proven Orlandoo running gear with oversize 18mm wheels, in two designs; CACs or super-wide offset Revolvers. The soft 33mm diameter Geko24 tires instantly provide more grip, improved ground clearance and all-round ability over a standard ‘doo.

However, the real magic lies in the design of the DooRok 1/32 tube chassis. While the external profile may look familiar to seasoned RCers, make no mistake; this is far from a downsized copy. WID’s artistry in computer aided design is evident in every line, and the result is a coherent masterpiece of tiny design. It also comes with built-in front bumper or bumperless variants – choose the look that suits you!

The cage also includes an integrated sub-chassis, with geometry carefully calculated and optimized for the Orlandoo components. Not only do we provide two mounting positions for the skid plate (allowing longer can motors) you also get multiple shock locations to fine-tune your suspension! The shock mounts themselves are subtly angled to provide smoother travel and easy installation of the ball studs.

Produced in a durable plastic, the DooRok cage provides great rigidity and light weight. We hand finish, prime and paint each cage. We even pre-thread the suspension mount points for your convenience! But we leave the joy of final assembly up to you!

In case you were wondering, we can confirm that the DooRok 1/32 Rock Racer Kit offers truly astonishing performance. With battery and electronics installed it weighs in at a mere 100 grams (give or take, depending on your options). Oversize wheels, low center of gravity and fantastic approach angles allow DooRok to stick to the rocks like a spider. You can also choose your motor – 150rpm for super-slow crawling, up to 500rpm for balls-out rock racing. 200rpm or 300rpm provide a more balanced blend of wheel speed and torque.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the DooRok also has its own range of optional extras! Improve the look of your DooRok with our lightweight but durable vac-formed body panels. Light up the night with our light bucket kit, including twin front spots, 5-spot lightbar and rear lights. Or pile your scale accessories onto our custom designed roof rack!

With so many options to choose from, you can be certain to have a truly unique rig right out of the box. Now, enough talk, let’s Doo Rok!

Included: DooRok 1/32 Rock Racer Kit
  • DooRok 1/32 Tube Chassis
  • 18mm Resin Wheels – CAC or Revolver (x4)
  • Geko24 3318 Tires (x4)
  • Orlandoo ‘A’ Transmission Set with Skid
  • Orlandoo ‘A’ Axle Set (56mm)
  • TA0028 Driveshafts (30mm)
  • TA0003 Orlandoo Shocks
  • TA0011 Ball Head Screw Pack (x2)
  • SA0033 Link Set
  • TA0012 Double Ball Head Screw
  • TA0028 Servo Horn Sprue
  • All necessary screw hardware, ball-bearings, gears and shafts etc are included
Optional DooRok Bundle Items
  • N20 Motor 150/200/300/500rpm
  • TS0001 ESC
  • AS0022 Servo 2.2g
Option Parts (Available to buy separately)

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 260 × 170 × 130 mm