DooRok Body Panels Set

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DooRok Body Panels Set. Vac-formed lightweight body panels to complete the look of your DooRok 1/32 Rock Racer! The set includes a hood, roof, side and rear panels, all shaped to fit the DooRock perfectly. Simply cut out the panels, line them up on the cage and drill your mount holes.

You can choose to paint on the inside for durabilty or on the outside for a more solid, realistic look. You can also do both – silver inside and then primer and final color on the outside. As the outer paint gets scratched through use you will reveal the ‘alloy’ panel underneath!

Specifications: DooRok Body Panels Set
  • Construction: vac-formed plastic
  • Color: Transparent
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Weight 25 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 140 × 140 × 18 mm