Geko24 Threaded Shock Bodies

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Geko24 Threaded Shock Bodies. A pair of hop-up shock damper bodies for the Geko GK-24 micro RC crawler chassis. They replace the upper part of the Geko GK-24 shock units and bolt to the chassis rails. These units provide an upgrade over the standard units, with a two-part threaded body for adjustable pre-load. Other parts you would require to build complete damper units are listed below.

These bodies are a hop-up part for the standard Geko24 shocks. They use an open design, where the shock shaft protrudes through the top of the body when compressed. This removes the need for shock towers so the chassis retains a very low profile. More traditional internally sprung hop-up oil dampers are also now available – these come with taller mounting towers and three optional spring rates.

Specification: Geko24 Threaded Shock Bodies
  • Construction: Alloy
  • Quantity: 2
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Weight 12 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 15 mm


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