Geko24 Internally Sprung Shocks

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A pair of replacement damper bodies for the Geko GK-24 micro RC crawler chassis. These form the upper part of the Geko GK-24 damper units and bolt to the chassis rails.

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Geko24 Internally Sprung Shocks. A set of four hop-up shock units for the Geko GK-24 micro RC crawler chassis. If you prefer a more traditional micro crawler suspension setup these shocks are what you need. Not only do they look great, they also provide a smooth action. The piston actually features an open ball-race to ensure it glides through the full range of travel.

These smart-looking damper units also come with bolt-on shock towers to accommodate their extra height, plus necessary mounting hardware. Also included are softer and harder internal spring sets to fine-tune your setup.

The standard Geko24 shocks use an open design, where the shock shaft protrudes through the top of the body when compressed. Whilst this keeps a very low-profile platform, it isn’t to everyone’s taste. This purpose-made hop-up brings the Geko in line with every other micro crawler platform, and does it with style. You will sacrifice some practicality when fitting a body, particularly if you want an open or flat rear bed. However the advantages of proper oil damping and

Specifications: Geko24 Internally Sprung Shocks
  • Construction: Alloy body/nitride steel shaft/plastic ends
  • Color: Silver
  • Quantity: 4 units


  • Alloy Shock Units (x4)
  • 3D-Printed Shock Towers (x4)
  • 4x Soft, 4x Medium, 4x Hard Internal Springs
  • M1.6 x 5mm Hex Screws (x4)
  • 2mm Ball-Head Screws (x4)

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 12 mm


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