Geko24 20mm Shock Shafts

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Geko24 20mm Shock Shafts. This is set of four standard-length nitride-coated shafts for your Geko GK-24 damper units. If you are looking to achieve increased suspension travel check out the 24mm Shock Shafts.

The stock Geko24 shock setup allows these shafts to protrude through the shock body under compression. This means you do not need tall shock towers interfering with your inner arches. Not only does this add to the Geko’s realistic look, the resulting low profile makes it easy for you to add any 1/24 body you choose.

These 20mm shafts work together with other standard Geko24 suspension components as listed below.

Geko24 20mm Shock Shafts: Compatible With

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Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 9 mm


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