Geko24 Spring Set

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Geko24 Spring Set. If you find the spring rate of your Geko24 is too soft, one of these hop-up spring sets is for you.

You get three pairs of springs; tune your truck with soft, medium or hard spring rates. The ‘soft’ option pair are slightly stiffer than the stock springs, which you can consider as ‘very soft’ in comparison. The different rates are indicated by a color spot at one end of the spring: red (soft), yellow (medium) or turquoise (hard).

Your weight distribution depends on your choice of body and also on electronics placement, so it is worth experimenting with different rates front and rear to optimize suspension performance. You will also need two of these sets if you want the same spring rate front and rear. The harder springs are particularly useful if you intend to use a die-cast body or high-capacity battery with your truck.

Specifications: Geko24 Spring Set
  • Construction: spring steel
  • Color: Gunmetal
  • Quantity: 6x Springs per set

Additional information

Weight 6 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 65 × 65 × 10 mm
Spring rate

Softest (red), Soft (yellow), Hard (blue), Hardest (aqua)


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