Geko24 Steel Drive Shaft

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Customizable Rear Steel Drive Shaft (31-65mm)
(cut to desired length and glue)

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Geko24 Steel Drive Shaft. An adjustable length (31mm-65mm) driveshaft for the Geko24. Geko driveshafts use a dogbone to match the transfer case output, and a universal joint at the axle. All-steel construction ensures durability.

This is the standard shaft for the v4 Geko24 chassis. The wide range of adjustment means you can use this shaft with any of the available Geko24 chassis rails. You will need to cut the shaft to your desired length and then glue the sleeved part on. We recommend using epoxy resin for the glue joint. You can also use CA glue (superglue). The length of the collar ensures this glue joint is not unduly stressed even with hard use.

Specifications: Geko24 Custom Steel Drive Shaft
  • Construction: Steel
  • Color: Gunmetal
  • Length: Custom 31mm-65mm
  • Fitting: 2mm shaft / 5mm drive cup

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 9 mm

Complete with Universal Joint, Dogbone only


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