Geko24 v3 Welded Axle Pinion

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Geko24 v3 welded axle pinion. This pinion is an upgrade for Geko24 v3 owners. The stock pinion came in two parts and required gluing together; a known weak point in the v3 design. We decided not to stock the Version 3 Geko24 chassis, largely because of this issue with the pinions.

Thankfully the designer has listened to our feedback and addressed it with this product. The Geko24 v4 Chassis comes with similar welded pinions, although it is 8T not 9T, so these v3 pinions are unlikely to fit the v4 axle.

Specifications: Geko24 v3 Welded Axle Pinion
  • Construction: Hardened steel
  • Tooth Count: 9T
  • Shaft Dia: 2mm

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 50 × 50 × 11 mm


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