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Geko24 Floorpan. These 3D Printed body floorpans are an optional part. You can use them with aftermarket 1/24 or 1/25 bodies – either scale plastic kits or die-cast. These floorpans conform perfectly to the Geko 24 chassis, with accurately placed integral metal inserts for secure mounting with four screws (provided). You can choose from two versions, with different front/rear splits intended for either SUV or pick-up style bodies.

Compatible with SWB or LWB chassis. Optional adjustable body mounts are also available for an easy and secure way to mount custom bodies to these floorpans.

Specifications: Floorpan
  • Construction: 3D Printed plastic with threaded brass inserts
  • Finish: Silver/Grey
Compatible With

These floorpans are the ideal solution if you intend to use a die-cast or plastic 1/24 or 1/25 body. They provide support for your interior tub and wheel wells to finish the scale appearance of your build. Depending on your body, you may also find the Geko Body Mounts useful for attaching your body to the floorpan. Some plastic kits may not require use of a floorpan, but you will need to customize kit bodies to create your own attachment points for the Geko chassis.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 150 × 115 × 24 mm

SUV, Pick-up


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