Geko24 v4 Servo Axle Mount

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Lay your servo down neatly between the chassis rails of your Geko-24 with this 3D printed servo mount. Space is always at a premium with micro RC crawlers. This part not only provides a secure mounting point for your servo, but also offers a compact packaging solution.

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Geko24 v4 Servo Axle Mount. If you favor ultra-sharp steering response over scale looks this option set is what you’ve been waiting for.

The debate over which is the best way to mount your servo will probably never be resolved! Chassis mounting provides the best scale looks – clean axles and a steering link that moves realistically as the suspension compresses. Axle mounting the servo is visually less appealing (if you notice that sort of thing), but it eliminates any bump-steer. Not only does it provide the most positive steering response, it also helps having that extra weight on the axle. With the Geko 3-link suspension setup, the steering does not suffer unduly from the standard chassis mounting position. However if ultimate crawling performance is your goal, it is hard to argue with an axle mounted servo.

This set includes a replacement alloy diff cover with additional mounting tabs. You also get three different mounts to cater for a wide range of sub-micro servos, and necessary fixing hardware. The Emax ES9051 4.3g servo is a perfect fit with this mount and other 4.3g sub-micro servos should also be compatible.

Specification: Geko24 v4 Servo Axle Mount
  • Construction: Diff cover: Alloy. Servo mount: 3D Printed ABS
  • Color: Red
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Weight 12 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 18 mm


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