ME5-V01 Coil Spring Set for Orlandoo Hunter

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ME5-V01 Coil Spring Set for Orlandoo Hunter. If you are serious about your Orlandoo’s performance, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick up this spring set. You get three complete sets of four springs, each with a different spring rate, for a wide variety of tuning options. You will find the softest set are a similar rate to your Orlandoo kit springs, whilst the hardest are around twice as stiff.

How you use these springs will depend on the overall weight of your rig, and how that weight is distributed. You should generally add stiffer springs in the rear of your truck to reduce torque roll. If your Orlandoo is box stock, a good starting point would be to add medium stiffness springs to the rear.

You can also combine these springs with the hop-up Alloy Threaded Shock Set for the ultimate suspension setup.

Specifications: ME5-V01 Coil Spring Set for Orlandoo Hunter
  • Soft (x1): 4 Springs
  • Medium (x1.4): 4 Springs
  • Hard (x2): 4 Springs

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