Air Intake for Orlandoo Hunter (Resin)

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Air Intake for Orlandoo Hunter (Resin) in two different sizes. Are you planning a Dakar racer type build for your OH32A02 Pajero? We offer a larger hood scoop to add muscle to your build. If you’re going for an authentic desert racer look, ‘scoop’ up the smaller roof intake too!

You can also use either scoop on other body types too – your imagination is the only limit! You will need to glue these scoops to your body before painting. We recommend you give them a wash in warm soapy water and a light sanding for best paint adhesion.

Specifications: Air Intake for Orlandoo Hunter (Resin)
  • Construction: Printed Resin
  • Color: White (ready for paint)
  • Dimensions (Large): L11.5mm x W16mm x H3mm
  • Dimensions (Small): L10mm x W9mm xH2.5mm

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Weight 4 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 60 × 40 × 5 mm

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