Custom Links

Heres a little information about links for those building custom chassis/wheelbases. These link sets are currently available:

SA0011 (OH35P01):
1x OHMLB01218 (18mm)
1x OHMLB01235 (35mm)
4x OHMLB01225 (25mm)
4x OHMLB01240 (40mm)

SA0014 (OH35P01 for MA2):
4x OHMLB01227 (27.5mm)

SA0023 (OH35A01):
5x OHMLB01215 (15mm)
1x OHMLB01228 (28mm)
4x OHMLB01226 (26mm)

SA0033 (OH32A02/OH32A03)
1x OHMLB01215 (15mm)
1x OHMLB01228 (28mm)
4x OHMLB01220 (20mm)
4x OHMLB01230 (30mm)

If you need longer links, or a length not available in the above list you could always cut a link into two halves and glue them into a alloy or brass tube to achieve the length required. Tubing can also be used to sleeve uncut links to add rigidity, give a beefier look and help the truck slide over rocks.

Links are 1.2mm diameter with M1.2 thread. thin walled 2mm or 1/16″ tube will match the external diameter of the Orlandoo rod ends and will be a tight fit over the cut link. Some tubing may need carefully drilling out with a 1.2mm drill.

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