Turbo Racing 4ch LCD Radio System

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Turbo Racing 4ch LCD Radio System. Turbo Racing are redefining what is possible with a budget radio. Their 3-channel base model has been a huge hit with RCers already. Now they have upped their game even further with this 4-channel LCD model!

The transmitter is reasonably compact and retains the distinctive quick-release handle of the 3-channel model for easy transportation. Not do you get a full four channels to play with, you also have an LCD screen to take the guesswork out of playing with settings and menus! You can control channel 3 with a momentary off-on switch, while channel 4 provides you a useful 3- position switch. This is ideal for the TS0001 ESC integrated light controller.

You will find all the functionality you need with this radio. 15 model memory, model names, dual rate, channel reversing and end point adjustment (EPA) to name just a few. You can also choose to buy additional receivers. The receiver is a very compact little unit, perfect for the confines of an Orlandoo chassis. It is splash and dust-proof and a cinch to bind to the transmitter.

Specifications: Turbo Racing 4ch LCD Radio System
  • Channels: 4
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Protocol: VT
  • Color: Black
  • Ch1: Steering Wheel
  • Ch2: Trigger
  • Ch3: Momentary Switch
  • Ch4: 3-Pos Switch
Functions: Turbo Racing 4ch LCD Radio System
  • removable handle
  • Columnar liquid crystal display
  • Low voltage alarm (less than 4.5v)
  • 15 model memory
  • Model memory deletion
  • 3 Character Model Name
  • ABS
  • Channel Reversing (all channels)
  • EPA (all channel)
  • F/S(throttle only
  • Center fine-tuning (all channels)
  • SVC gyroscope Switch
  • Throttle and Steering D/R
  • EXP function
  • VT System

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