TA0012 Double Ball Head Screw for Orlandoo Hunter (DooRok)

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TA0012 Double Ball Head Screw for Orlandoo Hunter. A single replacement metal double ball end screw for the F150, Jeep, Pajero and Defender Orlandoo kits. These double ball head screws are used on the steering arm to connect the servo link and steering drag link.

TA0012 Double Ball Head Screw – Custom Mounting Ideas

We also find these incredibly useful for other applications. Replacing the single ball head screws on your axles with these double ones gives you a number of options:

Replace the ballheads for the lower shock mounts to correct ‘reverse angle’ in your shocks. This issue is particularly noticeable on the F150 and to some extent when upgrading to MA2 axles on ‘A’ chassis rigs.

Another application is to replace the lower link ball heads at the axle end. You can use this to create a shared mounting point for shocks and links. With stock shocks this will lower your truck, or if you can source longer shocks, gain travel without undue body lift.

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