ME5-280 Alloy Threaded Shocks for Orlandoo Hunter

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ME5-280 Alloy Threaded Shocks for Orlandoo Hunter. Give your Orlandoo a lift with these long-throw friction shocks. Not only do these shocks give a 5mm lift to your truck, they also provide 5mm more throw over stock. The twin-spring design provides progressive rate suspension with the shorter spring being stiffer than the main spring. They are compatible with the ME5-V01 Coil Spring Pack, for further tuning options of the main spring.

The shock bodies are finished in anodized grey with a threaded red collar, allowing you to easily adjust pre-load. These friction shocks also feature a fake ‘piggyback’ reservoir.

Specifications: ME5-280 Alloy Threaded Shocks for Orlandoo Hunter
  • Construction: Alloy Shock Bodies, Steel Shafts, Plastic End Caps
  • Color: Grey/Red/Black
  • Type: Friction
  • Length: 28mm (eye to eye, extended)
  • Length: 19mm (eye to eye, compressed)

Please note, these shocks are 5mm longer than standard. For a straight replacement/upgrade for stock Orlandoo shocks you will need the ME5-230 Alloy Shocks.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 85 × 65 × 17 mm


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