Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Complete Axle Set (51mm/56mm)

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Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Complete Axle Set (51mm/56mm). 51mm is the stock width, as included with the OH35A01 Jeep / OH32A02 Pajero / OH32A03 Defender. 56mm is a wider option axle, similar in width to the alloy MA2 550 and stock OH35P01 Ford F150 axles.

Our complete axle sets are exactly that: everything you need to build up a complete set of operating axles. As well as the housings, shafts and gears you get the ball bearings and necessary screw hardware. Assemble, add grease to the gears and go!

Whether you are replacing worn parts, creating a 6×6 or 8×8, or putting together a custom 4×4 build, these axles are a great choice. They share the same internals as the MA2 alloy axles at a fraction of the cost. The all-new 56mm versions are also an exciting addition to the range. Maybe you are looking to increase your track width without resorting to ultra-wide offset wheels. Alternatively you might be considering an up-scaled 1/24 build that requires a wider axle. In either case, these axles are definitely a worthy contender.

NOTE: Ball-end screws and steering drag-link are not included.

Specifications: Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Complete Axle Set (51mm/56mm)
  • Construction: Plastic shells, stainless steel shafts, brass gears
  • Bearings: Metal sealed ball bearings (2x 3x6x2, 4x 2x5x2 per axle)
  • Driveshaft Output: 2mm
  • Wheel fitting: Standard Orlandoo
  • Width (casing): Choose 51mm / 56mm
  • Width (tip to tip): Choose 59mm / 65mm
  • TA0030 56mm Axle Housings
  • OR TA0013 51mm Axle Housings
  • TA0014 C-Hubs / Knuckles / Lockouts / Trusses / Servo Mount
  • TA0031 56mm Shafts
  • OR TA0022 51mm Shafts
  • 2x TA0024 Ring/Pinion Gears
  • MA2-V01 Front Axle CVDs
  • MA2-V03 Rear Axle Stubs
  • TA0025 3x6x2 Ball Bearings (4x)
  • TA0028 2x5x2 Ball Bearings (8x)
  • 8x 1003 Screws
  • 4x 1204 Screws
  • 6x 1205 Screws
  • 2x 1505 Screws
  • 4x 90102 M2 Nuts

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Weight 84 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 200 × 180 × 18 mm

51mm, 56mm