MD3-225 Ultrafine Metal Drive Shafts for Orlandoo Hunter

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MD3-225 Ultrafine Metal Drive Shafts for Orlandoo Hunter. These shafts are the last word in precision micro engineering. Finished in anodized red, grey and black, they also look amazing. Needless to say they make the perfect partners for the red and black MA2 axles.

You will notice that they have a proper CVD at each end for super-smooth running across a wide range of angles. They also offer you a full 5mm between minimum and maximum extension. Don’t be fooled by their tiny diameter either, these shafts are plenty strong enough and are trail ready. We are offering the full range of these shafts, with nominal lengths from 22.5mm – 35mm.

You will receive your shafts fully assembled. However we strongly recommend adding thread lock to the grey covers. They only have a turn or so of thread and capture a tiny drive pin. Please take the greatest of care when disassembling!

Specifications: MD3-225 Ultrafine Metal Drive Shafts for Orlandoo Hunter
  • Quantity: 2 Shafts
  • Construction: Steel
  • Color: Anodized Red / Grey / Black
  • Minimum Length: 22.5mm
  • Maximum Length: 27.5mm
  • Output Yoke: Fits 2mm Shaft

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Dimensions (Packaging Size) 85 × 65 × 14 mm