Differential Axles (Assembled & Tested) for Orlandoo ‘A’ Axles

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Differential Axles (Assembled & Tested) for Orlandoo ‘A’ Axles. Want to improve your turning circle? Planning a go-fast project, or maybe a tow rig? Swap out your locked axles for these super-cool all-metal open differentials.

Open diffs mean you will lose some off-road traction, but this is often over-rated; also in many situations increased steering lock is more valuable. You will receive two axles, but it might be preferable to only change out the front, keeping the rear locked. You then also have enough to do two rigs!

These differentials come professionally pre-assembled and tested, saving you the bother of messing around with tiny parts. We know many of our customers will prefer the satisfaction of assembling their own. So if that’s you, and you want to save some pennies too, check out our Builder’s Kit version!

PLEASE NOTE: These differential axles are only compatible with certain axles in the Orlandoo range. See the compatibility list below. If your axles are not listed, they are not compatible.

Specifications: Differential Axles (Assembled & Tested) for Orlandoo ‘A’ Axles
  • Quantity: 2 Differential Axles
  • Construction: Steel Shafts, Brass Gears
Compatibility: Differential Axles (Assembled & Tested) for Orlandoo ‘A’ Axles

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Weight 7 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 66 × 45 × 10 mm

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