Alloy Reverse Transfer Gearbox for Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Chassis

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This all-new design introduces counter-rotating driveshafts to help eliminate torque roll and comes with its own center skid plate, brass gears, ball-races and screw hardware.

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Alloy Reverse Transfer Gearbox for Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Chassis. Pimp your micro with this alloy transfer box! Available in anodized silver, red or orange, this transfer case will add that extra wow factor to your build.

This all-new design introduces counter-rotating driveshafts to help eliminate torque roll. You will also gain extra weight low down, helping to lower your center of gravity.

This transfer case comes with its own center skid plate, brass gears with integrated output shafts, ball-races and its own screw hardware. Combine it with the other alloy parts we sell to create the ultimate all-alloy chassis!

Specification: Alloy Reverse Transfer Gearbox for Orlandoo Hunter A01, A02 and A03
  • Construction: Alloy
  • Colour: Choose Silver, Orange or Red
  • Alloy Transfer Gearbox
  • Center Skid Plate
  • Brass Gears with 2mm Output Shaft
  • Ballraces
  • Fixing hardware

Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 70 × 50 × 16 mm

Silver, Orange, Red

1 review for Alloy Reverse Transfer Gearbox for Orlandoo Hunter ‘A’ Chassis

  1. georgegonzalez91006 (verified owner)

    This is a worthwhile upgrade on any “A” series vehicle. I installed one on my OH32A02 Pajero and I am very pleased with the outcome. The overall quality of the materials is top notch and the kit includes everything you need right down to the bearings. Once installed, the driveshafts rotate in opposite directions. You must flip the rear axle 180 degrees (install it backwards) in order to get the front and rear wheels spinning in the same direction. This upgrade greatly reduces torque roll. I really notice a difference when one of the rear tires gets stuck in a groove between rocks. Before installing the counter rotating transmission, my vehicle would lift its opposing front tire up high as the rear tire struggled to break free. Now the front tires remain on the surface whenever this happens. I have witnessed a noticeable improvement on how the vehicle handles my indoor trail course with this transmission installed.
    The motor is positioned a little lower than the stock setup which ultimately lowers the CG. Any improvements in handling, however, will be negligible at best. The included aluminum transmission mount is a huge bonus because it provides a much improved mounting surface for the threaded ball joints.
    Now for the negatives, which there are very few. For starters, the kit should include paper instructions or a link to online instructions. Some hobbyists may not realize that one of the axles must be rotated in order for this system to work. The kit also includes 4 thick spacers, which had me wondering where to install them. I ended up installing the spacers on the outer chassis rails because the included machine screws that secure the transmission mount to the chassis rails were too long. Another issue has to do with tolerances; the drive shafts are offset and once installed they bind with the upper inside suspension link rod ends. The binding only occurs when the axles are twisted to their limits and in my experience, the binding has had zero effect on my vehicle’s handling. The aluminum transmission housing doesn’t cover the motor’s gear reduction unit. This makes installing electronics more challenging because wires can easily get jammed inside the brass gears and get frayed or worse, short out. Other than these small caveats, I am really happy with my purchase as well as my continued experiences with

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