OH35P01 Orlandoo Hunter Ford F150 Complete Body Set

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OH35P01 Orlandoo Hunter Ford F150 Complete Body Set. So you drove your F150 off the top of some concrete steps? Maybe you messed the paint up and want to start over? Or have you just generally driven the snot out of your truck and it looks beat?

Every experienced RC enthusiast and scale crawler will know what a messed-up bodyshell looks like! Maybe you just want a second body; one to run, one for the shelf. If you’re really lucky, you need a nice new body for your Alloy F150 Chassis with MA2 Alloy Axles!

Whatever your situation, if you want a perfectly formed 1/35 scale Ford F150 body, look no further. We offer these as a complete body set; everything you need including clear parts, bumpers, and detail parts.

Included Parts: OH35P01 Orlandoo Hunter Ford F150 Complete Body Set
  • SA0001 OH35P01 Body Shell
  • SA0002 OH35P01 Rear Truck Bed
  • SA0003 OH35P01 Exterior Parts
  • SA0004 OH35P01 Window Parts
  • SA0005 OH35P01 Lamp Parts
  • SA0008 OH35P01 Lamp Holder
  • SA0009 OH35P01 Front Bumper
  • SA0010 OH35P01 Rear Bumper

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Weight 160 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 200 × 190 × 70 mm