ESC for 1/87 Micro RC Cars 1S3A

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ESC for 1/87 Micro RC Cars 1S3A. If you are contemplating a 1/87 build, this ESC has everything you need. You will find it perfect for the DAS87A01 and DAS87A02. You could also utilize it as a micro winch controller for larger scale rigs. It is rated for 3.7v /1S LiPo input voltage and 3A load.

Not only do you get ample power handling with this ESC, you also get an on-board light controller. This gives you switchable LED lighting from any spare channel on your radio! All crammed onto a board that is literally the size of a fingernail.

NOTE:To save on space, this ESC does not utilize header pins or plugs. You will also need to solder direct to the PCB pads. Some previous experience of soldering is recommended. No instructions are provided. Please see the product images for wiring details. If you require additional help hooking this up please contact us.

Specifications: ESC for 1/87 Micro RC Cars 1S3A
  • Input: 3.7v / 1S LiPo
  • Output: 3A Brushed
  • Brake: None
  • Dimensions: L12mm x W7mm x H3.5mm

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