DAS87 Switch and Plug Set

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Replacement DAS87 Switch and Plug Set. A power switch and charging jack/socket for 1/87 builds, in suitably tiny size. Wire your battery in permanently with these parts and eliminate the additional space required by battery plugs. No need to fiddle around unplugging after every run, just switch your truck off. When the time comes, you can simply charge the battery in situ.

You can easily cut down the standard 3-pin header and socket to 2 pins to save even more space. Alternatively, avoid the chance of reversed polarity by using the middle pin and one outer pin for positive and earth. If you accidentally connect the plug the wrong way round it won’t charge, but you also won’t blow your battery and possibly damage other electronics either.

This set provides spares for your DAS87 or can be utilised in custom builds.

Specification: DAS87 Switch and Plug Set
  • Switch: 2 Position
  • Plug: 3-pin
  • Socket: 3-pin

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 60 × 15 × 4 mm