DAS87A01 OP Parts Set

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Replacement DAS87A01 OP Parts Set. Don’t ask us what OP stands for, all you need to know is this set provides additional gear reduction! It replaces the standard twin motor 10T pinion setup with a single motor, 8T pinion and 10T/36T idler gear. The additional gearing means less speed, more torque and thus greater control off-road.

The DAS87A01 OP Parts set includes everything needed, with a clever gear mount that replaces one of the twin motors. This mount can also be rotated in the chassis to adjust gear mesh. Please note that our full DAS87A01 kits come with both twin motor and OP set already included in the tin. This set provides spares for your DAS87 and can also be utilized in custom builds.

Specification: DAS87A01 OP Parts Set
  • 6mm Motor with 8T brass pinion
  • Brass 10T/36T idler gear
  • Steel gear shaft
  • Brass idler gear mount
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