Geko24 Brass Ring Wheel Weights

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A pair of brass ring wheel weights designed for Geko GK-24 wheels. These replace the standard locking rings and each ring weighs 20.5g, adding weight down low for improved crawling ability. We have ring weights available for both the 18mm and 21mm diameter Geko GK-24 wheels.

Adding unsprung weight may seem anathema to RCers coming from a racing background. However it is an established method to improve crawler performance, ensuring wheels maintain contact and traction. The additional rotating mass also puts extra stress on drivelines. But with relatively low wheel RPMs, moderate weighting and relatively strong gears and shafts this should not be a concern.

Specifications: Brass Ring Wheel Weights
  • Construction: Brass
  • Inner Diameter: 18mm/21mm
  • Outer Diameter: 26.5mm
  • Width: 9mm
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Weight 60 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 95 × 75 × 18 mm
Wheel Size

18mm, 21mm


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