Geko24 GK-24 v4 Chassis Set

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Includes servo mount, wheel hubs and 12T pinion.
Requires: wheels, tires, motor, servo, electronic speed control and radio gear. Suitable for 1/24 or 1/25 plastic kit or die-cast bodies.

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If you have been looking for the ultimate in micro scale crawling, look no further, the Geko GK-24 v4 Chassis Set has your name on it. Designed specifically as a low-profile, fully customizable platform for the micro RC enthusiast builder, the Geko GK-24 v4 Chassis Set brings you total scale realism while remaining a capable crawler.

PLEASE NOTE: ASSEMBLY REQUIRED The Geko GK-24 Chassis comes part assembled (axles and trans are pre-built). Self-assembly of the chassis parts is required to complete. No instructions are included – please refer to product pictures for reference when building.

All-alloy construction, high-precision engineering and well thought-out design features are the Geko-24’s trademark. It is the perfect base for those wishing to bring their favorite 1/24 plastic kit or die-cast model to life. The long-awaited Version 4 chassis has ironed out the design quirks of earlier revisions and now offers a solid platform. Welded axle pinions and single piece drive hubs ensure you can rely on the drivetrain in tough terrain. The trademark low-profile transfer box is still there, but now offers counter-rotating propshafts for reduced torque roll. All this and the Geko looks better than ever, with scale looking black anodized axles rather than the silver of previous versions.

The chassis is available in three wheelbase options, using different length chassis legs to suit a wide range of bodies. Choose from 70mm/70mm, 70mm/78mm or 78mm/78mm. If this doesn’t suit your model, we still have stock of discontinued v2 chassis legs(available separately) in a wider range of lengths. Simply combine different length chassis legs to get a wheelbase anywhere between 93mm – 135mm. Please note you will need to drill and tap additional holes in v2 legs to suit the revised upper link placement.

The super low-profile transmission is designed to fit under the floorpan of almost any kit body with virtually cutting required. Don’t have an interior tub or floorpan for your body? No problem, just pick up one of the Geko24 floor pans, designed to bolt right up to your chassis.

If all this flexibility isn’t enough, how about four different wheel designs, with two different diameters and three different tire sizes to choose from? Whether you want a modern production 4×4, all-out no holds barred off-roader or an old-school beater, the Geko GK-24 v4 Chassis Set has you covered. Have a treasured 1/20 body you want to use? We have you covered; the new 21mm wheels will be a perfect fit. Now, are you wanting to creep across your rockery, or go scale trail running in the woods? Just choose a motor RPM to suit. The N20 gearmotor is a tried and tested, widely available unit, but the Geko version ups the ante with a high-torque version you won’t find elsewhere. Available in 120RPM or 250RPM to suit your driving style.

Specifications: Geko GK-24 v4 Chassis Set
  • Alloy Construction
  • Alloy Axles with offset differentials
  • 3-link suspension
  • Brass M0.5 gears throughout
  • Metal driveshafts
  • Low-profile transmission compatible with N20 motor
  • Track Width: 82mm
  • Adjustable wheelbase:
  • SWB Option (70/70) = 100mm-116mm
  • MWB Option (70/78) = 108mm–124mm
  • LWB Option (78/78) = 116mm-132mm
  • Includes metal pinion for N20 Motors
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Weight 95 g
Dimensions (Packaging Size) 165 × 140 × 45 mm



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