62mm Front Chassis Rails

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This pair of 62mm Front Chassis Rails are the standard length front rails that come installed on the Geko GK-24 II LWB Chassis. Precision machined alloy with black anodised finish.

Specifications: 62mm Front Chassis Rails
  • Construction: Alloy
  • Finish: Black anodised
  • Length: 62mm
Compatible With

The standard Geko GK-24 II LWB Chassis Set comes with 62mm front and 82.5mm rear chassis rails, giving an adjustable wheelbase range of 105mm – 117mm.

Hop-up chassis rails in different lengths are available for even more flexibility. Front rails are available in 62mm or 67mm lengths. Rears are available in 77mm, 82.5mm and 89.5mm offering a wide range of wheelbases up to 130mm

Chassis rails are nominally described as ‘front’ and ‘rear’. However with the exception of the servo mounting, holes for the main components are identical on ‘front’ and ‘rear’ rails. With some modification it is possible to utilise front-front, front-rear, rear-front or rear-rear in various combinations. Combining different rail lengths gives potential for wheelbases from around 93mm anywhere up to 145mm.

Using 77mm or longer rails at the front end also gives scope for fitting N30 or other long-can motors. Please note that you will also need to consider driveshaft length when creating a custom-length chassis. If you wish to go this route please email us with the WB range you require and we can advise on the best combination of chassis rails and driveshafts to suit your needs. We will build up a custom chassis set on request.

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